My suitcase is packed.  Everything I will have for 10 days overseas in a carry on.  I am an amazing packer.  I still have my backpack to finish, but that includes things like my computer and the book I'm reading.

I have to pick a question to explore while I'm in China (for the Professional Development class I'm taking).  Two options I am considering:
1.  How does Buddhism integrate into the modern Chinese culture?
2. How does literature integrate into the modern Chinese culture?  Are the Chinese reading new releases?  How well do they know older Chinese literature?  Are Chinese students "readers"?

Any other ideas?


06/21/2011 17:56

I can't wait to hear all about it! You are going to raise the average level of awesomeness by half while you're there.

Go Molly!

06/21/2011 18:05

How about, how does learning English factor into the learning process, and it is always necessary to learn from a 'traditional' looking American. I've heard blonde haired, blue eyed ESL teachers are the sought after. Why, is what I would like to know.

06/21/2011 19:37

I like the literature question. I'm so excited that you doing this blog!

06/23/2011 16:51

Just a quick heads up. Molly got away cleanly this morning, and I got a quick call from Detroit. She's en route to Japan. I repeat, Molly and travel bad luck will next land in Japan...

06/23/2011 20:42

Why don't they just become Americans?


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